Monday, June 17, 2013

Duct Tape Wallets!

Hey, everyone! So one of my favorite crafting activities to do is to make handmade duct tape wallets. The idea was introduced to me by my cousin, Maddie, another crafty chick. Soon enough, friends at school began asking me if I could make them wallets out of duct tape. So that's where the hobby started.

My favorite of these that I've made is the third wallet shown, with the teal lining and white bow.  
All of my classmate-costumers have loved their new wallets, and I've loved making them.  Hope you like them, too:)


Nalani said...

Loving the third one! Very cute

Erin Mac said...

Hi, Erin! Uncle Lowell and I miss you and Michal! I love the bows you attach to some of your wallets. How's the knitting going? Love, Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Erin! I forgot to change my ID so it looks like you commented when it was me! Duh, I will learn how to do this eventually. Love, Aunt Tracy (I did the same thing on Michal's!)

Anonymous said...

These wallets are really cool!! :)